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The Pastor's Thoughts

"Psalms, a "little book", since it contains, set out in the briefest and most beautiful form, all that is to be found in the whole Bible." Martin Luther

"The Psalms are the anatomy of the soul." John Calvin

"The Psalms; a mirror in which each man sees the motions of his own soul." Rowland Prothero

I remember an old saying about being diligent to open the door when opportunity comes knocking. I think it also had something about opportunity only coming once, but I might be wrong about that. Well, God has given St. Paul's several opportunities for the coming weeks and we should all be opening our doors to them.

First, we will receive new members on the 13th and it would be a terrible thing if we did not all come to welcome them into our church family.

On the 29th we will have a shared worship service with Christ Community Church - the other AFLC congregation here in Washington County. We will be at their service which will also include the ordination of George Winston, the seminarian we have helped to support in his preparation to be a pastor. George and his family have worshipped with us several times and he has preached at one of our services. We should all plan to be there for this important day in his life and in the life of the congregation where he will be serving in South Dakota.

On the 21st we will begin a study of the book of Psalms. It will be held on Monday night and Tuesday mornings so you will have two opportunities each week to keep up. The book of Psalms has been called the prayer book of the Bible - and it certaninly is that, but it is even more, so I hope to see many of you there.

The second weekend of October there is a Via de Cristo retreat. This is an opportunity for people to gather with other Christians and grow in their faith while having a good time. Several of our members will be there. See me if you might be interested.

The last thing I'll mention takes place on October 17th when we will have a workship based on our vision statement. This is a great opportunity to strenghten our faith and commitment.

Pr. Culler


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