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The Pastor's Thoughts

"It is a great thing to see physical pluck, and a greater thing still to see moral pluck, but the greatest to see of all is spiritual pluck, to see a man [or a woman] who will stand true to Jesus Chrust no matter what he [or she] is going through"  Oswald Chambers

As we move deeper into spring I find that there are days where I feel that my spring has already sprung.  Getting older means less energy, less drive, more sleep and more sitting like a lump in front of the television.  At least it seems to mean that for me.

But I still get up every day and try to be the best disciple of Jesus that I can be.  Why?  Because it's just that important and because there is so much more to be done for the Kingdom of God in this world.

There was a movie out many years ago called "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".  If that movie was remade today I suspect the name would be changed to "It's a Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World."  Just a few minutes with the daily newspaper or a 1/2 hour of hte evening news and you know immediately what I mean.  And dear people, that is why you nad I have to get up everyday and do our part in the building of the Kingdom.  For there is no hope for this sad, sad, sad, sad world except Jesus Christ.

Jesus is counting on His elected people to be the light of the world, the city upon a hill, the visible standard of righteousness for all to see.  It is through us, proclaiming the Gospel, that people will find the only hope that is available to them, the only hope that can save them from the trials and difficulties of this sordid culture, and the Gospel is the only hope for the redemption of this culture.

And so we get up in the morning.  We prepare ourselves by prayer and study of the Word.  We strengthen ourselves by reception of the Sacrament and we find assistance in the fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, how sick you are, how tired you are - you have your share of the work. Rise and shine and give God the glory.

Pr. Culler