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The Pastor's Thoughts

"...non-believers especially are moved when unpaid lay people are out doing the Lord's work. If the Pastor is doing it, it can be seen as just his job, but if the lay people are doing it, they are doing it because they really believe it. The priesthood of believers is a huge part of a deeper walk with Jesus and revival in our churches."

Ben Jore
AFLC intern at Oru Savio's Free Lutheran and First English Lutheran in North Dakota

One of the most important theological concepts to come out of the Reformation was the idea of the priesthood of all believers. The Church had moved from the concepts taught by the apostles and substituted human ideas for God's ideas. One of those human ideas was that a priest was needed to be an intermediary between God and the people. THe Bible teaches, however, that we need only on Mediator - Jesus Christ.

As the Reformers delved deeply into the Word they found that the clergy had overstepped their rightful boundaries and taken for themselves the work that belongs properly to Christ. So Luther and his associates began to teach that everyone, every man, every woman, every boy, and every girl can go directly to God Himself in prayer. But even more than that, they understood the Church's call to Christian action in the world to be a call to everyone who professes faith in Jesus.

The priesthood of all believers invests in us both gifts and responsibilities. We receive the gift of direct access to the God of the universe, a wonderous thing we ought never take for granted, but we also have the responsibility to tell others about Jesus, the responsibility to work for others for the sake of Jesus, and the responsibility to learn more about Jesus throughout our lives.

We are praying passionately for revival in our congregation, in our churches and in our communities. Revival is a mighty moving of the Holy Spirit that changes lives and expands the Kingdom. Such things happen at different times and in different places. But one thing is alway true about revivals - they are never about bringing change only to the clergy. They are always God's move to change people irrespective of their position in His Church.

Pray for revival. Pray for your revival and for the revival of those you know.

Pr. Culler


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