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The Pastor's Thoughts

"I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by me."  John 14:6

"It is contrary to reason for a thirsty man to turn from a clean mountain stream to quench his thirst from a stale, putrid cistern - yet that is what the human race does when it rejects God's truth and standards in favor of the devil's impure philosophies."  Billy Graham

Truth—who in the world would ever say they were against the truth. And yet every day we see lies and half truths and distortions all around us. We are bombarded by all sorts of statements that have only a passing acquaintance with what is true.

This is especially true for us in this political season. No one seems to say “here is where I stand on this issue and here is the path forward for our city, county, state or nation.” Were they to do so we could all become informed voters and make our choices. Instead we are assaulted with all manner of personal attacks by one candidate on another or by biased information from our news source of choice. How are we to really know what is best when none of the information we receive is at all useful?

In the same way, the world apart from politics seems to feed on lies and half truths. I think we all believe this to be some sort of modern phenomenon but it really isn’t at all. The lies the world told our parents and our grandparents are the very same ones we are being told. Indeed, they are the same one the serpent told Eve in the Garden—go ahead and eat it and you will be like God.

Satan has always been the author of lies and while we can generally see the lies for what they are, so many are our weaknesses that we fall for the same things over and and again. We continue to believe the lie that we are in charge of the world. We continue to believe the lie that we are the captains of our own destiny. We continue to believe the lie that the ways of the world are fine as long as we get to define what they are.

In reality, no Way is true except the Way that is Jesus Himself. In reality, nothing is really true except Jesus who is Himself the Truth. In reality there is no true life except Jesus Christ. Everything else is death because only Jesus, the Father and the Spirit are unsullied by sin. Drink from the stream not the cistern.

Pr. Culler